jeudi 24 septembre 2009

Jadis: a gem of a restaurant in the 15th arondissment of Paris

There are some very good restaurants in the 15th two of my favorites are Le Troquet & Le Casier a Vin (especially for the iberique ham and cheeses) but I am always on the look out for something new, preferably one that I can easily crawl home from.

I had read several excellent reviews of a French restaurant near Bocicaut that I made a mental note to try but when the next occasion came up for eating out, I couldn't remember the name. I had sworn that it was "Jade" but a google search came up with no french restaurant of that name in Paris never mind the 15th.

Fast forward several months and I am apartment hunting in the 15th, and on a second visit to
one apartment, I insisted on quickly checking out the local commerce & eateries and low and behold I come across not Jade, but Jadis on rue Theodore Deck. I wasted no time in getting the number into my phone.

Fortunately I did not have to wait long for an excuse to try it out, I booked a table for 3 the following Tueday, for a girly night out with a friend from the UK.

It was an excellent meal, the company and wine obviously helped but the food was damn good with the all important rapport qualite-prix that in these economic times no one can blame the french for obsessing about. The dinner menu was at €28 for 2 courses or €32 for three.

Normally I am a two course girl (starter/main) but have to say when I saw the riz au lait on the dessert my mind was made up - I was going the whole way. Unfortunately seeing the dessert menu before ordering the starter and main may have swayed my choice of main course, the starter of chilled courgette soup with ricotta and herb quenelle - required no apologies but my healthy choice of main (blanc de seiche grilled to perfection and served with provencal vegetables) would not normally have been my first choice.

The worst moment of the evening for me was when I saw one of my dining companions being served up my first choice of main, if I wasn't worried about gaining weight and planning on ordering the riz au lait for dessert, which was rabbit with a corn cream sauce served with polenta on the side. Honestly a bunny never looked or tasted this good! It took all my will power to stop staring & salivating at Nicole's plate and let me tell you there was not a crumb left on it.

The riz au lait was almost worth forgoing the rabbit for (the riz au lait at L'Ami Jean slightly had the upperhand) and was served with a red berry fruit coulis. The fruit coulis made the dessert almost feel saintly and I felt terribly cheated out of the main course, at least until the bill arrived. At just over €40 each for 3 including the wine it is impossible to leave Jadis feeling any other way than filled with utter contentment.

Those of you looking for good restaurants on your doorstep should consider upping and moving sticks to Boucicaut!

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