lundi 28 septembre 2009

the cure for a broken heart: : vertige from Les Enfants Gaté

Oh it used to be so easy when we at were college. your best friend called to your digs in tears to tell you that she had just broken up with the love of her life who she had spotted for the first time a week before in the Boole library. The answer was simple : a whole packet or two of chocolate hobnobs dipped a mug or two of milky coffee later and what's his name had already been forgotten....

now we are older, wiser and we'd like to think a little bit more sophisticated and its all a lot more complicated or is it? now you get to experience your friend's break up almost in real-time simultaneously via facebook, twitter, email, and sms but this still doesn't give you enough time to get to WH Smiths on rue Rivoli to stock up on the hobnobs.

luckily we are in Paris and thankfully I work in the 17th close to "les enfants gatees" a delightful patisserie where there are so many sweet creations to chose from, that I promise all your woes will be left at the door as you empty your mind of all thoughts except cake!

the perfect cake to cure a broken heart: it was a hard choice to make but in the end I went for a "tarte au chocolat" and a "vertige" not as easy to dunk in milky coffee but the "vertige" fit the bill as the grown up sophisticate's answer to hob nobs. Mouthfuls of chocolate, dark luxurious chocolate (they use Valronha), chocolate mousse and was it creme carame beurre salé all perched on a chocolatey biscuity base...heaven

and while it may take girlfriend sometime to get over her ex, the "vertige" definitely helped and left a smile on her face. but that should be no surprise everyone knows that chocolate is the next best thing to......

2 commentaires:

  1. If I may suggest some other broken heart's cure, there is the oh-so-chocolately Antica Perugia (sablés au chocolat with white, milk and dark ganache) or also a Fondue de chocolat, in which you can dip every sweetery you can think of ;)


    P.S.: when will we have our soirée boudin noir ? ;)

  2. hey Rosa, where can I get the Anica Perugi from??? Do you have th recipe on yr blog????