lundi 15 juin 2009

an octupus & the best veggie boxes in Paris

Friday used to be sushi nights in our house but not anymore, there is something almost more exciting than discovering fresh monkfish liver on the sashimi menu to tickle my taste buds & my imagination, the weekly vegetable box arrives just in time for dinner.

After a few false starts I finally hit on the right company with a choice of farmers and boxes, its good value for money. You can even order a customised box and include fruit.

In this week’s box there was carrots and radishes (both with tops intact!), a large Batavia, cucumber, courgettes, mushrooms, baby turnips & fennel, everything freshly picked that morning.

That morning as I passed the fish shop in my street an octopus was crying out for a loving home, begging to be bathed in some limejuice, garlic and thyme and thrown onto a griddle until he curled up with contentment and his juices mopped up with some fresh bread. I would have to make sure that the salad was worthy to share the same plate!

Delicious and at 3.90 euro for an octopus, which was ample for two, who can say eating fish is too expensive!

No more sushi Friday’s for me? Sushi night has simply moved to Thursdays and if you come back next week, I might just tell you where to find the best sushi and sashimi in Paris!

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