mardi 5 janvier 2010

Healthy Fruity Porridge - The grown up "Ready Brek" glow

With the cold weather spell that has hit us, we all need a warm and healthy start in the morning. I can still picture the ready brek advert from the 80's which showed the body glowing all day!

This porridge will heat you up and stave off any huger pangs until lunchtime.

This recipe serves one person.

40g porride oats (organic if possible - like Ballybrado)

pinch of salt

teaspoon of cinnamon

150g mixed berries (frozen is ok)

Yogurt and seeds/granola to top.

Add the salt and the cinnamon to the oats and soak in 4 time its volume of water over night.

Next morning place in saucepan and slowly cook over a low heat (normally I put on low heat while I take my shower).

Stir in the red berries.

Put in a bowl and top with a larg dollop of yogurt and finish off with some mixed seeds or a good quality granola!

Guaranteed to keep you batteries charged until lunch time :)

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